Whether acquiring existing operating assets or developing new, the fundamental premise is the same: anticipating the market and understanding a property. 

The AREG team drives all phases of the acquisition process, answering the needs of the target market through sound economic planning, cost-effective construction services, strategic building improvements, well-conceived leasing and sales programs, and thorough property management.

Infill urban and suburban sites provide the basis for AREG's acquisition/development opportunities, in locations often overlooked by the less imaginative. Land and assets are carefully chosen for their proximity to desired amenities, sound economics and clearly identified target markets.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of AREG associates. When repositioning an existing asset, the building's architectural embellishments are coaxed out of hiding with careful restoration. Architectural characteristics are incorporated into a design featuring high quality and superior function.

New construction offers the challenge of designing distinctive structures in harmony with the existing surroundings. This visual contextualism enhances the existing location's draw of the target market.

Thorough market research yields projects which have the support of the community. Buildings and construction projects are completed on time and within budget through intensive planning, budgeting, and supervision. Thoughtful leasing and sales programs match the resulting product with the demands of the largest market. Finally, attentive property management ensures maximum appreciation of asset value and effective cost control.

Teamwork is key to the success of AREG investments. From the initial pro forma to the final lease or sale, performance is founded on the initial asset purchases that anticipate trends in the marketplace. The investment approach is proactive rather than reactive, looking ahead to consumer demands and providing product in advance of the competition.

The above investment philosophy, combined with AREG's proven history of success, yields a solid foundation for future growth and opportunity.

Please refer to the Investment Properties Page for a showcase of current and past projects.