Acquisition & Due Diligence

During the due diligence process,  inspections, bidding and subcontractor negotiations, maintenance, service contractors, projections and project budgets are established, performed, vetted, and then re-vetted.

Asset Management

  • Reposition and improve property
  • Operating Plan development
  • Attract and retain quality tenants
  • Financial reporting
  • Property Accounting

Property Management

Understanding the importance that management has on the profit and performance of your business and investments is at the heart of AREG's success.

AREG's approach to property management goes well beyond traditional service models because the focus is on creating value and increasing cash flow.

  • Superior results are achieved by:
    • Introducing leading practices in the areas of organization, design, property management, technology, operating cost management and reporting
    • Leveraging the AREG network of experts, strategic partners, alliances and preferred suppliers
    • Delivering actionable insights and considerable results to increase the client's competitive advantage
    • Affiliations with the top brokers and leasing firms in the U.S.